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What is it about photography that continues to appeal to viewers even with the world turning to video? The magic of still images comes from its ability to immortalize a single moment in time. The "now." Photography has long been a powerful ingredient in storytelling. From the early portraits of the 1800s, to the snapshots from an iPhone - photography continues to be a part of our daily lives. When it’s done well, whether it’s of a couple in the middle of a kiss, a portrait of a local artisan, or the horrific documentations of war, a single image can leave an impact that lasts forever.


Video, motion graphics, and design are becoming a vital part of telling a story. Technology opens a whole new set of doors, and enables storytellers to embrace these changes for what was once limited to the traditional forms of a narrative. With news and stories being shared so rapidly, we can add the style, grit, and passion necessary to capture and impact viewers. And while style shouldn't take away from quality content, it is nevertheless an integral part in today's fast paced environment. 


As society becomes more polarized and desensitized towards the very real issues around the world, documentary work must also transform in order to bring about change. Art can be the solution. No longer should there be a distinct label for being an artist, a witness, or a volunteer. We can all do our part. We must work together with organizations and the locals on the ground level to bring about social and political change. We must become more responsible and use our stories, our art, and our message, as a way to influence innovative & positive change in our communities and around the world.